Chalk 'N Cheese

Specialty Cheeses from around the World

We love food.  We like regular old food, but we really, really, love culinary experiences.  With that love in mind, we bring you specialty cheeses from around the world and unique entertaining tools. We continually strive to create a welcoming shop where one could linger. 



Chalk 'N Cheese

Our name "Chalk N Cheese" is from an old English saying.  It basically means something goes together like oil and water.... For us it made sense; antiques, cooking items and cheese don't really go togehter.... until you come in to our store you will see we blend together beautifully. 

Chalk N Cheese- where friendships and flavors flourish under the arch.  

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209-211 South 2nd Street * Laramie Wy 82070 * 307-742-1800

Events & Happenings

Click the heading to view the current line up. We host a variety of Events, Platter Nights and Cooking Classes.  Check here often to see what we are up to next!   

Espresso Loft

Our espresso loft has helped keep our local populous caffeinated for over 10 years.  Come on up to our loft and enjoy an espresso, latte or baked goody.